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Here at Barefoot Boards, we build handcrafted wooden stand-up paddle boards (SUPs), surfboards, and bodyboards. It's our goal to always be mindful of the environment when crafting our boards. We "reuse" a high percentage of salvaged wood in the construction of each and every one. In other words... we take someone's old rotten deck or neglected fence and make it into one of these sweet rides.

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Each Barefoot Board is built in our beautiful home state of Oregon. These functional works of art are made from wood, fiberglass, and epoxy based resin (no polyurethane foam or wood veneer in these babies). The wood decking is built around a wooden frame. This hollow construction allows the boards to be both light weight and strong.

Barefoot Boards

The Barefoot Boards wooden stand up paddle board is one of our family's favorites. We have taken our paddle boards to places ranging from the crystal clear waters of Waldo Lake high up in the Cascade Mountains, down to the the bays and beaches of the Oregon Coast. Our wooden paddle boards, surfboards, and bodyboards have even accompanied us on family vacations to another favorite state of ours... Hawaii. These wooden beauties turn heads everywhere we go. For more information on our wooden paddle boards, surfboards, bodyboards, and other items check out our Products page. Or if you're interested in seeing some pictures of magnificent Oregon scenery... with our paddle boards and other boards in action check out our Photo Gallery page.

About Barefoot Boards

Well... it all started when a tall, handsome young man first locked eyes with his shy, beautiful future wife... Just kidding, I won't bore you with those details. Let's fast forward to a few years ago. Being on the water has always felt like home to us. We're lucky enough to live close to both the ocean and all the beautiful lakes and rivers that Oregon has to offer. In the spring and summer, and even some of the not too rainy fall months, we would try to spend most of our free time near water. We enjoyed cruising the lakes on our sailboat, camping, and exploring the Oregon coastline.

Sailing Fern Ridge, OROregon Coast

Back in the day sailing was our #1 way of spending time on the water. We enjoyed the relaxing cruising pace of our boat, and we also enjoyed the occasional thrill of crewing on our friends race boats. But that wasn't enough. We were always thinking of new ways for our family to enjoy the water. Especially ways that don't require motors. Then a few winters ago we came up with a project to pass the time during the cold rainy season. Remember that handsome young man I mentioned earlier? He combined his construction and mechanical knowledge (technician by trade) with his beautiful wife's inventive skills (chemical engineer by profession) and out popped our first hollow wooden stand up paddle board. It gave us a new tool to explore some of our favorite hangouts with. The stand up paddle board also allowed us to travel to new areas that our boat wasn't capable of (... and I was pleased because it meant i got to watch more sunsets over the water with my family). The paddle board turned out to be a big hit with our family and friends too. Next thing we knew we were building paddle, surf, and body boards for others. And that's how Barefoot Boards was born.

By the way (if anyone was worried) our sailboat still gets as much attention as always. The paddle boards didn't replace it. They only add to our fun on the water by allow us to seek out new places.

Barefoot Boards Products

Handcrafted Wooden Stand-Up Paddle Boards, Surfboards, Bodyboards, Paddles, and Organic Board Wax

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Board ready to be glassed

Barefoot Boards has a number of pre-built SUPs and bodyboards available. Each board comes with it's own tale of how it came to be. They also come with complete care instructions and contact information to get a hold of us if you have any questions. You get the option of having one of our handmade wooden fins glassed on... or we can install a fin box and leave the fin choices up to you. Have a favorite surfboard that you want recreated out of wood? Or maybe you have some creative ideas about the wood type and design? We will work with you to make your ideas a reality. We can also personalize a custom ordered board by adding text or graphics. Our SUPs and surfboards start as low as $1700, but custom boards can be less or more. Bodyboards range anywhere up to $500. Shipping is an additional cost not included in the price.

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At Barefoot Boards we also have pre-built solid wooden paddles available in a variety of sizes.

Board with Paddlepaddle


We also make our own Barefoot Boards brand of organic board wax in both a cold water recipe and a warm water recipe. Each variety is sold in pairs (approx. 120g total) and packaged in biodegradable packaging. The price is $3/pair plus shipping. Ask about our quantity discount.

Organic Board Waxpackaging

For ordering information, or any questions please feel free to email us at:

Or leave a message for us by calling (971) BFT-BRDS


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